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How big does the silverware cabinet need to be for this world dominating speedway team?
(‘Team’. We use that word loosely because Poole Pirates is frankly more of a family, but more of that later).
This cabinet needs to be big – Poole Pirates has a catalogue of wins, achievements, broken records, and as of October 2015, became the first team in 43 years to win three championship titles in succession!
So to the family tree, picture the dinner
table, and at the head; Matt Ford club owner, promoter and inimitable ambassador for the sport and of his hometown of Poole. Opposite him Neil Middleditch, team manager and former speedway champion (Neil’s from good stock, his father Ken was team captain and won four league titles with the club in the 1950s!), both serving up a belly-desire for success, and around them the team.
An uber-talented group of young men with a hunger for speed and adrenalin-fuelled success and that is exactly what Matt and Neil cook up week after week at Poole Stadium on Wimborne Road in Poole.
Each season the bosses take the riders, be they from home or around the planet; Poland, Australia, and Denmark under their wings and they play the role of parent, teacher, friend, and confidant. And on race nights, between March and September, they morph into inspirational and focussed bosses...
Rather like Matt, the 500cc bikes themselves have no brakes, one gear, and career around the track at speeds of up to 100Km/h. It’s breathtaking...
For the reader this is a great night out, invest in a Poole Speedway family ticket, a season ticket, and get into the action from the grandstand, stadium, and track- side where you’ll feel, taste, and hear the roar of Poole Pirates’ undeniable international success.

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