Page 16 - Enjoy the South 2016
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Dorset has its delights and it has its dark secrets. Sunshine, sea, and surf for most. Conversely death, deception, and stealth operations all come from author Andrew Towning’s keyboard.
Now working on his seventh thriller, Towning is celebrating his tenth year
as an illustrious crime writer. His hero character Jake Dillon now mid-operation, is embroiled in human trafficking and battling with two sides of one family – poles apart...
So where did the story start – Towning’s one that is? After a setback, literally – he found he had some time on his hands and after a number of months the Constantine Legacy emerged – five books later, and one in the ink well. He has become a local hero himself – all thanks to his literary excellence and the millionaire’s playground setting of the series. Much of the action (and there
is plenty of that between the pages) is set on the beautiful and infamous Sandbanks peninsula.
The series of books takes fans of Dillon through a myriad of pain and blood-filled adventures, alter egos, revenge, and operations that have tainted the headlines and continue to infect world security and intelligence.

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