Page 17 - Enjoy the South 2016
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The Cutter, Dillon’s most recent venture, follows him chasing history, a crime unsolved – re-emerging with heart-stopping familiar evidence.
With the common ground of Poole and London at the centre of affairs, readers can relate to the environments, taste the tension, visualise the action, and relate to the unconventional conscience that even Jake Dillon demonstrates.
Towning has plans for Dillon. The new 2017/18-crime thriller will reintroduce the raw side of the ex-army intelligence officer, the book is fuelled with action and destruction, with the heart of
the issue in Poole, and Dillon lets his emotional armour slip – with devastating consequences.
Meanwhile, for those of you that
have never been introduced to Dillon
and Andrew’s crime genius, the series starts with the Constantine Legacy and is followed by Dead Men Don’t Bite, Shroud of Concealment, The Chimera Code, Powder Diamonds, and the Cutter – all in softback and e-reader. Make it a date – and get into these thrillers – just like
thousands of readers already have, find Andrew on Facebook, and the hexalogy that is Jake Dillon...
Until the next time...

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