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We all need to be in a good space, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and we all have our own methods of achieving one or another.
Surrounding one’s self with positive verve, good feeling, and inspiring energy is a good start, finding all three at once is nigh on impossible.
Until you have an encounter with Kathryn Thomas.
Kathryn is a well-established and well-respected artist, and she’s an exceptional artist. Furthermore she’s
a beautiful person and quite charming. Sharing her
life between her Poole studio-gallery and exhibiting commitments, Kathryn has worked through several stunning and distinct themes since her graduation in 1989.
Today when not painting, engaging, or exhibiting she is travelling. And it is her extensive travels that contribute to the rock of inspiration on which she hones her oils. Sources of this inspiration include Cuba, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, France, and our very own Dorset coastline, and English Channel vistas. Other influencing components in the conceptualisation of Kathryn’s collections include space and the elements – once these factors are considered, it is easier to get an understanding of this hugely talented character.
Where most of us venture with camera in hand to capture memories and moments, Kathryn interprets literal light and landscapes and spacescapes into powerful, vibrant, and evocative paintings. Many of these adorn the walls
of her two-storey Poole studio or indeed the homes and offices of her who’s who of collectors, so many of whom have become close friends. In 2010, Kathryn established

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