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a ‘community’ who through social gatherings, and private showings can discuss, enjoy, and compare subjectivity with the like-minded.
While having the utter privilege of a tour of the Poole gallery with director Andy Madden – a must if you visit the area – one absorbs the ambiance of the space. There are changes in light as one wanders from floor to floor and between rooms; drenched with light and adorned with fresh flowers for the ‘Daylight’, exotic ‘Kaleidoscopic’ and dreamy ‘Contemplation’ collections, and conversely darkened for the cosmic ‘Nightlight’ collection.
It could be said that Kathryn actually works with time, each piece represents a moment, her own moments,
it’s really personal. And for the observer they represent sustained periods of concentration, wonder, freedom, and imagination.
The works are highly recognisable and unique in their style; layer after layer of colour and oiled textures allow each piece to connect but maintain autonomy. Finest Berge linen primed, painted, and mounted on kiln-dried tulip wood box stretchers, to create ‘a window on your wall’, each piece with unique characteristics when viewed from a distance, and other features from closer quarters.
One of the tangible tell-tale signs of a Kathryn Thomas is the absence of a signature: “Why distract from the heart and visual draw of the painting?” she says, and this just about sums Kathryn up – it’s all about the paintings. Take from them what you will – a little bit of Kathryn herself,
a little of the place you’re in emotionally, a little bit of imagination and a lot of time. Invest in a Kathryn Thomas and invest in time, plenty of inspiring time.
Thank you Kathryn for such emotionally and visually stimulating time.
Kathryn’s studio is close to Poole Quay and does not keep regular opening hours, but visits by appointment are always welcome. An email to welcome@kathryn- or a phone call to Andy on 07966 506841 will receive a speedy response.

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