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Lime Wood’s Herb House is a
wellness retreat. It has a purpose, and that purpose is your inner peace and well-being.
Bring your city stresses to the door and whether you like it or not – that’s where you’ll leave them.
Now in its sixth year, the Herb House is evolving alongside its extensive clientele. There is no typical client, yet everyone with these needs in common; well-being, care of mind and body, and a space in which to just be.
The Herb House is a three floor building in the forest – the hydro therapy pools overlook the forest, the sauna overlooks the forest, the roof-top herb gardens overlook the forest – it is as natural as one can get. With retreat in mind Lime Wood now supplies a more and more popular demand, three and four-day weekends – mini retreats that are long enough to be effective, yet short enough to be realistic in terms of business and family commitments. You will note that we leave pet responsibilities out of that list as dogs are welcome and guests have been known to bring their feline friends as well...
With family commitments in mind, it is time to look at one of the newest treatments on offer at Lime Wood.
The Pregnancy Package. This perfectly formed bundle of treatments incorporates luxurious Pai Skincare and is free from essential oils.
The triplet of treatments comprises a facial, massage, and wrap. Mothers to be can elect to have all three throughout a luxurious full day of pampering, or indulge in one or two treatments. The treatments are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and indeed breastfeeding mums. The wrap is focussed on skin renewal and exfoliation – and there is no need for the many manoeuvres to and from the shower – this treatment has been developed so that the exfoliate just buffs off, allowing mums to stay at
ease in any one of the Herb House’s ten treatment rooms. There is also a stimulating scalp massage, which alone offers three oils to choose from and focuses on the upper back, shoulders, and legs. Finally, mums are offered a facial.
The three treatments have been developed to accommodate all of the many changes that mums’ bodies go through pre and postnatal. The new Baby on Board package makes for a thoughtful gift – one that any mummy to be will most grateful for...
For those with only themselves to pander to, take advantage of the forest changes and get ready for the summer and wedding season with scrubs, manicures, and pedicures – use the gym and enjoy the roof top herb garden and pools. In the winter, indulge in hot stones and detox after the Christmas festivities – there’s always a reason to pamper thanks to the Bamford stable of body treatments (the Herb House was the first spa to offer Bamford Body treatments outside of the original Daylesford Hay Barn Spa in Gloucester).
The Herb House is dedicated to your well-being and that of those most important to you. 023 8028 6999

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