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visits Heston’s Dinner, he visits Ramsay’s in Hospital Road just to ‘see’, and he knows that if his kitchen is shooting around those levels, as feedback confirms, with his team of eight in comparison to a kitchen of 40, “we’re not doing too badly!”
No, TerraVina is not doing too badly – this is an exceptional hotel with exceptional dining – and where is Gerard we ask? Well funnily enough he is in California Wine Country – the Frisco variety rather than the New Forest variety – but never mind, you are in the good hands of another four sommeliers – for a restaurant of just 56 covers that’s a pretty impressive ratio...
Gerard we hear is doing a fourth international wine qualification, then on to China – research, research – then where will you find him? He’ll be rolling up his sleeves and serving TerraVina customers, hands on – that’s the way
it is and that goes for Nina Basset too... a tall order for them, but a great benefit for the customers and guests as Gerard and Nina are as much of an asset as the menu and wine list put together...
One can learn more than a thing or two at Hotel TerraVina in the New Forest, not least about first-rate hospitality, or indeed just about all there is to know about wines and, as of this year, how to cook a top-class lunch or dinner.
For the next year – a book perhaps, a front row at TerraVina be it in the private second kitchen or on the banquette seating in the main restaurant. It’s quite simple, if you haven’t been to Hotel TerraVina, just make that call and book it. It’s an utter gem through and through with a really big heart, thanks to Gerard and Nina and their fantastic team. 023 8029 3784

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