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A 60’s favourite chicken consommé with a poached quail’s egg. Of course this was not one of our three guesses, but a fabulous choice by head chef Luke Matthews – delicate, classic, and the quail’s egg a buoyant addition!
Our sommelier – pure passion with every glass, and a top tipple with the lobster and langoustine cocktail – a 70’s fixture – well back then it was the prawn variety. This is one of our achievements in our 3/7 score.
A glass of 2013 Eroica Riesling – a blended statement
of the finest Riesling vineyards in Washington state and then line-caught sea bass, which was the very first dish that Luke cooked on Saturday Kitchen in 2010 – more
of that in our 50th anniversary review... The bass was creamy, the mussels to accompany just perfectly cooked, the salty samphire and saffron sauce, a guilty treat – thanks to Luke for this one...
The venison saddle – how would we like it cooked? Chef says medium rare – I ask for as rare as chef would dare and yes, it is perfect – for everyone. Accompanied by a Domaine Papagiannakos 2014 – light and rounded.
It is at this juncture that our sommelier gets a little bit excited – a story of a Northern Rhone winemaker who meet a Moroccan winemaker on a cycling holiday – one on a tandem, and when asked why he is cycling on his own, he says he is yet to find anyone he wants to cycle with. Cue the new partner in line and in wine – Tandem Syrah 2012 from Morocco. And to quote, “like trying
bubble gum for the very first time!”... this with a mix of English cheeses is utterly memorable.
Our chocolate Marquise from 1990 – another of our winning choices, with an unusual Tabali Muscat 2014. This is not what one expects from a sweet wine, but is just delectable and refreshing – lemony sweet with the bitter- sweet chocolate. A great choice.
The anniversary menu is a statement of achievement – a thoughtful diary of the successes of the Chewton Glen, the kitchen, its guests, and Luke. The hotel has been in existence for 50 years, and a quintessentially English Original for over 300 years – the hotel building dating back to 1732.
The Dining Room is a place that welcomes all walks of life, celebrating, enjoying, reflecting, and planning – just like the 50th anniversary menu. Let’s celebrate every time we visit the Chewton Glen – it in itself is a worthy reason...

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