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Lime Wood’s wellness centre – the Herb House – is home to the quite unique Raw and Cured restaurant, come food bar, come deli, come smoothie bar, come tea room...
Since its inception Raw and Cured has been adored, emulated, and envied. For those in the ‘emulating’ category, covertly consume and copy no more – as the delightful Sheila Hulme, who is most commonly seen working over a hot, well, hot blender or dehydrator, is spreading the word.
Taking advantage of Lime Wood’s cookery school
Sheila is hosting a series of Raw and Cured Feel Good Food Days, so popular has her Grazing Menu been, of superfood salads, daily wraps of dehydrated vegetables bursting with houmous and feta, nori rolls of parsnip and pine nut ‘rice’, avocado, carrot, and mixed leaves, her dehydrated vegetable crisps, and her frankly irresistible cakes and desserts.
The audience for these Feel Good Food Days is
wide. They have appealed to those with allergies and intolerances, and to foodies, and it appears today that the raw and cured theme is something that is quite hip. Not to say that this is a culinary fad by any means – this is a lifestyle and one that is becoming increasingly popular across the (chopping) board.
Sheila says of her Feel Good Food Days: “We all dig in – it’s not about me talking ‘at’ the group – we all prepare the various dishes together as a team – I find that everyone gets more from the day that way.
“We may make a couple of cakes and a couple of salads, we stop for lunch to enjoy our wares and make

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