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great friends along the way, as well as learn about raw preparation and health implications – all we use really is a few sharp knives and a blender – utensils that we have at home – I like everyone to be able to go home and recreate the dishes with ease.”
Back to the menu in the Herb House’s food bar itself – another flagship dish is the Spicy bean Mexican Fiesta; this is Sheila’s take on the traditional taco – her soft tortilla made from corn, peppers, flax seed, sundried tomatoes, onion, and her own version of spicy beans served with a home-made guacamole and tomato and lime salsa – quite a treat and fun to eat – it’s best not to try to impress while consuming this one as it takes both hands!
Other health-boosting highlights include Sheila’s smoothies – all infused and garnished with any number
of the fresh herbs from the rooftop Herbary (twenty varieties of mint, fifteen of thyme, ten of chives,
there’s fennel, bay, 300-year old olive trees, lavender,
a chamomile lawn, and the bees of course who do the honours from the well-established hives in the gardens by the Smoke House).
Take the Hawaiian Spice of pineapple, banana, ginger, mint leaves, coconut water, chilli, and honey – this delicious drink flushes away toxins and restores the body’s natural balance.
This ‘raw food’ movement was something that started in California – as such there is inevitably an undertone of the Golden State yet with the Hampshire influence, as it’s all about local ingredients.
Raw and Cured is open from 8am until 5pm – we’d love to see a dinner offering from Sheila and her team of six, the infrastructure is there in terms of menu, and indeed wine list – perhaps in time and then what? Well it would seem sensible, if only to help out those ‘emulators’, for
a Raw and Cured recipe book. If so it would be the first of many as Sheila’s menu does not stand still, she is always experimenting. She concludes: “There is always a way to deliver the same flavours and textures of cooked dishes in a raw presentation and of course increase the nutritional content of most, it’s great fun to try and when we get there – it’s straight to the special’s board!”
The health benefits of Sheila’s raw style can’t be underestimated, the more one indulges the more sense it makes. Spend a few minutes chatting to Sheila next time you are visiting and maybe book a Feel Good Food Day or indeed a Feel Good Food Day book, who could say, either way it’s only a matter of thyme – and really get the inside story, your insides’ story! 023 8028 7177

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