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The Hilton Hotel has made its mark on more than the skyline of the seaside town, thanks to TV hotshot (and some would say hotpot) of Saturday Kitchen, Food Uncovered, and King of the Wild fame Matt Tebbutt.
He has come to Bournemouth as executive chef of quirky Schpoons and Forx, the Hilton’s first restaurant under the new brand and a collaboration that Tebbutt came across thanks to a mutual association with designer Ted Baker, which is responsible for the interiors of the ultra-modern and chic hotel.
Matt Tebbutt talked to Enjoy Magazine about his career choices, involvement with Hilton, and his eye for live TV – particularly on a Saturday morning...
Matt had set his sights on a career in the RAF, yet thanks to regular family holidays in Europe, where as he puts it his “eyes were opened to all sorts of food lovelies”, he decided to take the plunge into all things culinary and earned a diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. When questioned on memorable and pivotal cheffing moments in his early years, he says: “Being mentored by Marco (Pierre White) and cooking with other slightly terrified young chefs for Richard Branson and family at his London house and seeing streams
of celebrities walking past the open kitchen at Sally Clarke’s.”
After agreeing to do a small TV show for ITV Wales back in the day when Matt was running his own restaurant ‘The Foxhunter’ in South Wales, he was offered a place on
the Great British Menu, then there was Market Kitchen, Food Unwrapped, and more than one welcome stint on Saturday Kitchen. When asked if that would catch his
eye as a more permanent role, Matt is not backwards in coming forwards: “I’d be stupid not to!! Hell yes!”
So to the Hilton and part-time life on the coast, Matt is in the Bournemouth kitchen twice a month, for upwards of a week at a time. His menu is varied and based on a modern British take and also draws influence from North African spices, French classics, Italian simplicity, and clean Asian flavours.
Flash Fry Q&A
Bournemouth or Wales? Both!
Sea or river? Sea
Ramsay or Oliver?
Presenting or cheffing?
Recorded or live?
BBC or Discovery?
Starter or dessert?
Reading or writing?
Day or night? Night, for sure
Shooting or fishing? Shooting
Entertaining or being entertained? Entertaining Spoon or fork Spork!!
In equal measures!
Live without doubt Don't burn bridges!
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