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Bournemouth’s high-rise Hilton hotspot has not only changed the profile of
the town’s landscape thanks to the highest bar and hottest hospitality, but also thanks to the warmest welcome, wonderful wellness facilities, cool comforts, and quirky dining and wining in Matt Tebbutt’s Schpoons and Forx restaurant.
The Hilton has a reputation; many of us have Hilton HHonours cards and we expect a certain level of excellence and the Bournemouth hotel delivers. With an open-plan reception boasting fun objects d’art – phones, tones, and – wide smiles. Check in is swift and then off to your room. Quiet corridors, spacious rooms designed with an eye on beachfront relevance by Ted Baker, and off to the Eforea Spa and Health Club.
Choose from any number of treatments or relax in the poolside sauna and steam rooms, warm and chilled showers, and ice plunges. The pool itself is 20m and there is a swim in bubble tub. A real oasis, make sure you give it the time it deserves, with a treatment, time to chill, and a dip and detox. After all, you’ll need to be in top shape for the evening that awaits!
After a freshen up, it’s off for drinks and nibbles in the Executive Lounge if you are indeed one of the Hilton HHonours card holders (if you are staying, sign up – it rewards in more ways than one). The table is booked for eight, we wander down for a glass of vino in That Bar Downstairs and mingle with others meeting over a coffee, winding up after a day at work and, as we are, enjoying pre-dinner drinks.
As one of the newest additions to the Bournemouth dining scene, Schpoons and Forx is a welcome one. Where many of the town’s eateries claim to deliver a diverse menu of locally sourced ingredients in elaborate surroundings, very few actually deliver – celebrity chef Matt Tebbutt’s proposition, however, really does. Modern dining environments with quirky decoration – bulbs full

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