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Patrick’s restaurant and bar in Ashley Cross was first – now a booming social hub, Ashley Cross is the place to be seen, to eat, to drink and dance, and generally have a jolly fine time – and there isn’t another venue that is better versed in the needs of the hungry, thirsty, and party crew.
It has been ten years since Patrick’s arrived on the scene, Pat at the helm with an abundance of viticulture, dining, and hospitality experience under his belt – and boy has he put it all to good use.
Today Patrick’s has something for literally everyone throughout the days, months, and years. This success is down to knowing your audience and Pat certainly knows his!
Casual breakfasts and coffees with friends, what a great way to start the day. Make a date for lunch and enjoy the elaborate menu of starters, sandwiches, wraps, and baguettes, salads, light bites, and grilled main courses.
The dinner menu is more elaborate and replaces the cold lunches with a choice of robust mains including roast rump of lamb, confit duck leg, and sea bass, pasta, and
a full rack of BBQ back ribs. There are five burgers to choose from including the Hawaiian of smoked bacon, pineapple, and spicy cheese with jalapeño ketchup. This is a tower of a burger and a regular favourite.
One of the dishes that makes its repeat appearance on both menus is the tempura tiger prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce – something that celebrates its 10th anniversary with Pat, and is just stunning, crisp,
succulent, and tender. Order as a starter, order as a main, and it has been known to be ordered with a glass of white at the bar. We expect to be writing about these on Pat’s 20th anniversary!
Patrick’s welcomes families, it’s really popular during the day for lunches and early dinners. The bar area is the first port of call, plenty of seating and brasserie-style tables, through to the restaurant and some iconic booths, so sociable and everyone has a favourite – relax here and let Pat’s team look after you.
The evening menu cleverly mixes some vaguely Americanised dishes with classic British – the burgers sit side by side with the steaks, fish, and grills.
Desserts are superb – Quay lime pie a beauty and so creamy and fresh, and of course the Sundaes, more giant dishes to delight over!
By night on a Friday and Saturday, the bar area converts into a mini club – as a diner one would hardly note the change until the tunes get a little louder and the urge to dance becomes a little stronger!
The wine list is thoughtful thanks to Pat – who loves
his vino – and on a not entirely unrelated note, his golf as well as it happens. He raises significant funds for his chosen charities every year – golf days and themed evenings, (of which there is a selection – tribute acts, live music, and pop-up menus.)
The sporting feel doesn’t end there as Patrick’s is a great place to watch live sport, grab a booth, grab a beer,
and spend time with some cool folk – most notably Pat himself.
Here’s to the next ten years! 01202 734000

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