Page 44 - Enjoy the South 2016
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It’s a fact. Quality not quantity will win the day and that’s certainly true in the case of Restaurant Roots in Dorset’s Southbourne.
With just 24 covers to concentrate on, owner-chef Jan has created an environment that allows all the attention to be focused on the food – and most popularly the taster menus.
Open between Wednesday and Sunday this neat little restaurant offers menus to take your breath away. This is literally a (Michelin) Star waiting to be born and let’s face it Dorset needs one!
At Roots it’s down to detail and imagination, both of which Jan has an abundance of and he also truly believes that the diner’s experience is paramount, something that must be executed with top-class professionalism and by highly trained staff.
Take an Enjoy tip and go with either a five or seven- course taster menu (there are vegetarian tasters too)
– both in reality have an additional course of breads and either lard or dripping presented in a fantastically unique way! Our taster experience brought us a Wee Willie Winkie candle – a nice touch we thought, at our already well-lit table. However, this was for the bread – as the candle melted, we dunked – delicious and ingenious. Jan you had us at the first mouthful...

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