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It was inevitable, there were rumours, there was scaffolding, there were whispers, and we hoped it was true!
Rick Stein was coming to a prime location on the south shore of Poole Harbour to fill the logistical gap between Padstow and Winchester.
And – yes a builder let it slip, the sign went up and Rick Stein opened in Poole, and other restaurants upped their game.
There is no doubt that our Saturday morning archive, UK touring, canal boating, and Asian influenced favourite is a huge asset to Poole. Few familiar faces at opposite tables mean visitors to the area, and visitors to the area is good news, in many ways, and none less than the sampling, maybe for the first time of what Poole has to offer, beaches, hotels, hospitality, and choice.
And Stein’s newest restaurant has hospitality and choice in abundance itself. But more of that later, this restaurant is a polished version of what one may expect. It’s more Pimlico than Poole in design and perhaps price. All of this aside we love Rick Stein’s. The menu is hefty in choice and as the days go by importing less West Country fish.
Have a drink in the cool bar, a snack or coffee in the bistro style ground floor, and then to the main attraction – the first floor restaurant. Views to die for – get an evening with a spectacular sunset and that is priceless!
The service is grounded, well informed, and the serving stations break up the large dining area with glass and other eye catchers of fine art on the two walls that sandwich the low-profile dining area.
Indulge in crab, sashimi – the cured salmon and passion fruit is a perfect lunchtime starter, there’s charcuterie, grilled fish, smoked fish, a stunning cuttlefish risotto from Croatia – the menu recounts the provenance of many of the dishes, a warm Rick touch albeit from afar.
Mains of classic fish and crustacea along with Rick’s favourite meat dishes from France and Turkey and... his latest TV adventure...
Desserts are again a picture and are palate and pudding perfect – riz au lait rice pudding, bread and butter pudding, and gingerbread pudding.
The bar has an excellent selection of wines, spirits, and digestifs. This is a great restaurant – make sure you book and enjoy every second – Rick Stein has a special touch, regardless of how often he visits. 01202 283000

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