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It’s the quietest Volvo on the market and when in electric mode who would know there was a car on the road?
Quiet inside and out, yet one that has so much to shout about. A hybrid SUV, a company car with stealth tax breaks, prestige marque characteristics, partial autonomy and full Volvo responsibility, and two for the price of one in terms of under-bonnet engine and rear motor power.
Visually this is an attractive car whichever way you look at it, sturdy on the outside and refined on the inside. The crystal gearshift made by Orrefores of Sweden is centre stage and remarkable, eight gears and ergonomic paddle shifters ever broaden driving options. Add to these
the six drive modes in addition to the hybrid default mode and you have many options at your fingertips – presuming you choose to make them and don’t refer the responsibility...
The drive is responsive and exciting and it is easy to watch the miles while away. Volvo makes it as relaxing or as participative as one fancies – stay in lane, park the car, drive electric, drive petrol, choose driver mode, review driving efficiency by trip, by distance or duration... who needs another half to share responsibility with when you’ve got the XC90? And all this at your fingertips thanks to pioneering technology and the now-second nature i-touch screen controls, which boast Volvo’s
own Apple integrated CarPlay interface, allowing voice and steering wheel control of the car’s behaviour and performance.
Never fear, the intellect of those at the helm is respected by Volvo and reflected by the intelligence of the XC90 T8, although one wonders whether it is driver assisted or assisted driving? It’s a fine line as this car actually thinks.
Comfort is also key, the XC90 fits, it’s a 2.5 ton car that moulds itself to the driver – this is welcome at a mere 5’2”! The seven seats are luxurious, there’s plenty of boot space, great peripheral visibility and a general sense of design consideration and excellence.

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