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Acceleration transitions are seamless between hybrid
and engine, an asset that is conversely experienced by the heft of braking and there is a perfectly logical reason for this – as you brake, the 400hp motor is recharging. This is a good job as the recently government published and guaranteed plug-in journey between Land’s End and John o’Groats purely on electric power, stopping every 27miles in the XC90 T8, may prove to be slightly tiresome with 240 volt charging (Pod Point aside). Allow the car
to make its own propulsion choices however, and that’s
a trip made for the XC90. But the reality is this car’s electric asset is great for townies, short commutes, rush hour and even the walk of shame – as no one is going to hear this Volvo drive away at an unearthly hour...
With the car’s intuitive switch between engine and motor and clever four wheel asset as both are engaged, we defy the XC90 T8 not to wow all those hybrid-sceptics amongst us – and why not? It’s got it all and if there’s a worthy environmental benefit, tax break, and comfort- lead head-turning reason, who’s going to argue with that?
Well done Gothenburg – the XC90 T8 is a world-class proposition.
Wait, can you hear that? No?
Exactly... 01202 065555

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