Page 52 - Enjoy the South 2016
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That was a question that former community development executive come wild adventurer Daniel Start asked himself in 2006.
It was a hot summer in London – Daniel wanted to recreate his childhood days spent swimming in
lakes, under waterfalls, and from hidden beaches – feeling the urge to revisit such
freedom and fun, Daniel went on a search for a ‘city-dweller’s selection of swims’ and found...
absolutely nothing!
More than disillusioned, Daniel decided that he would selflessly put in the research himself and parked his suit, donned his Speedos (most of the time), and began documenting some of the UK’s most stunning and unknown wild swims – Wild Swimming was born and ten years on, he has spread his fins to experience the finest wild adventures and swims of France, Scandinavia, and more recently Spain.
Welcome to The Wild Things collection of books. They are as refreshing as the waters, runs, and rides that Daniel writes about and captures on film.
Now with 20 books under his wild belt of which six are his own work, Daniel represents and promotes other lovers of wildness, wilderness, and forgotten gems from across the continent.
If you, like me, are a fan of open water swimming, trail running, and biking, looking at Daniel’s collection of books is like being a child in Hamleys. Where do we begin? Well for the reader’s benefit let’s look at the hidden places, great adventures, and the good life
of Devon, Cornwall and the South West. Each area
is catalogued into swims, hidden beaches, trees and meadows, sunset hilltops, slow food, camp and sleep. So much fun to have and so little time – if that is how you are feeling now maybe you should take a freedom leaf out of Daniel’s book and have a re-think. If that is a little too dramatic, make time for these books. Make a plan and see these places, swim in waters while the sun rises, wonder at ancient ruins, run into the sunset, and open your mind.

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