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Getting a good night’s sleep in the right kind of sleep environment, can help with everything from recovery and rehabilitation, to weight management and memory function. The health benefits of adequate rest are much more than skin deep...
During sleep, hormones are released to carry out important restorative functions such as muscle growth, tissue repair, and protein synthesis. As a result, consistently gaining a full night’s sleep can improve quality of life.
There is also data to suggest that physical performance can improve, too, with studies demonstrating significant improvements in sprinting, strength, power, and even co- ordination.
In contrast to this, sleep reduction can negatively affect the human body and mind. The accumulation of fatigue has been found to increase recovery times and susceptibility to injury, whilst impairing judgment, decision-making skills and reaction speeds.
But it is the long-term implications that are perhaps most concerning. Research has shown consistent links between sleep deprivation and health problems such as heart disease, obesity, depression, memory loss, and a reduction in the effectiveness of our immune system.
In the UK, we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed. So making sure that we create the right environment for sleep is hugely important. The sleep environment
includes light, noise, room temperature, bed base, sheets, pillows and, most importantly of all, a comfortable mattress.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Patients Association back Mammoth’s Medical Grade foam mattresses, which feature technologies clinically proven to improve sleep. In trials carried out at Northumbria University’s Centre for Sleep Research,
the mattresses were found to help people fall asleep 29% faster, sleep 7% more efficiently and find sleep 21% more enjoyable, than memory foam or traditional sprung mattresses.
Through extensive scientific research, mattresses are now able to achieve a relaxed, pain-free state through a precise balance of pressure relief, postural support, and temperature control. In fact, tests carried out by independent research and product testing organization SATRA found Mammoth’s mattresses to achieve 46% greater pressure relief and 69% faster cooling than a standard memory foam surface.
Mammoth mattresses are clinically proven mattresses and as such the only ones to be recommended by physiotherapists. If you would like to find out more about the importance of quality sleep and try out the mattress for yourself, then please contact Linda Whike and BWT Physiotherapists about a ‘snooze’. 01202 749514

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