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Dorset-based app development company ‘Poole Gaming’ has come a long way since founder and owner Alex Gibbons, had an idea one day while building sandcastles with his children on Sandbanks Beach!
Rather like the rest of us, his children – then five and
nine – didn’t want to leave the beach, but instead wanted to carry on building sandcastles – if only there was a sandcastle app for his mobile device! Ta dah!
Spotting a gap in the market, Alex decided to commission a sandcastle-building app, and came up with ‘Sandcastle Builder’!
Two years on and Poole Gaming now has a host of games under its belt including the flagship app. The sandcastle game is a multi-level, skill-based game suitable for all ages and abilities – and especially for those who want to carry on having fun in the sun – even on the way home!
Alex said: “I didn’t know anything about building apps back in 2014. But did know a lot about the beach! Since then it’s been a harsh learning curve but one that has proved to be more than worth it – I have established ten games in the app market now.
“This business is fun and one that I intend to take to Donation/Reward Crowdfunding, it’s a great thought that from the inspiration of just one castle in the sand the opportunities that lie ahead for fans of mobile applications and games in partnership with Poole Gaming. I intend to take the company forward with
new ideas, games and fun and strike up relationships with other businesses in the south that are related to Sandcastle Builder – like Tourism for example – a relevant app makes a great memento for visitors to the area!”
This app is one of ten that Poole Gaming has developed, and the popularity of the games is again part of the learning curve within the app business. Natural synergy with the Poole area has assisted with the successes of ‘Sandcastle Builder’ and the other apps in the Poole Gaming stable.
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