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Pete Roper is an endurance runner, an ultra athlete, off- road guru, and generally an epic sort of chap.
To get you up to speed here’s a fraction of his (off) road to running glory.
2015 saw Pete win a record fifth Beast half marathon, and his more painful landmarks include the Classic Quarter Ultra (44 miles) winner and course record holder three times over.
Thankfully, or maybe not – depending on your views on fitness – Pete is spreading the pain. After a number of years managing a gym under committee rules that simply did not reflect his free and enthusiastic ethos, Pete literally did a runner and opened his own gym in Sturminster Newton, where he trains all sorts of folk between 17-77yrs.
His gym is based around his belief in ‘functional training’ – a method that uses more than the two-dimensional sagittal movement (forward and back). He concentrates on the transverse and frontal planes, allowing three planes of movement giving a more complete workout. Where one would expect cross trainers and treadmills you’ll find battle ropes and TRX body weight training, sledge hammers, and tractor tyres – this may sound
a little more Gladiator than David Lloyd but it works! He instructs sand bag classes, jump training, and plyometrics.
There are no TV screens at Pete’s Functional Fitness Club, and the reason for this is simple – if you can keep focussed on a screen you can only work out sagittally – something that is mentally and physically monotonous and not efficient in terms of a functional workout.
And that’s only Pete!
He detests gym machinery too – apart from, that is, Concept 2 rowing machines and a Watt Bike – all used to train for the likes of triathlon, improve form, and overall fitness.
He also knows more about feet than your average instructor – but then there’s nothing average about Pete. He advises on a mid-foot running style that has seen him achieve the unachievable in terms of endurance, free style, and optimum physical performance.
More effort than meets the eye has been put into this gym and training regime by Pete, perhaps more than all his achievements off the road put together – and this is the one that deserves the most credit... 07977 859965

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