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By Life Coach and ‘People Whisperer’ Becki Houlston
Children have it right; life is about fun. They spend hours laughing at the same thing, and can find the same level
of fun each time. We’ve all found ourselves cleverly manipulated into a request of ‘again, again, again’ by little ones.
Then as teenagers we are trained at school, that fun comes later, after ‘serious’ subjects, or, is only to be experienced after we have completed our chores. It’s even dangled as a reward. As adults, fun becomes something we try and fit into our diaries, or schedule. ‘It’s just not professional’ we believe. Fun is also the first thing that falls out of the diary when time becomes an issue, or finances are tight.
One of my brothers worked for a German organisation. They understood how important ‘fun’ was for the working environment, and how it influenced productivity. They implemented a scheduled break, twice a day, where all the employees would have to ‘play’ for five minutes. This involved throwing plastic balls at each other; it was not fun!
Fun is the best antidote to stress and anxiety, the benefits of this are enormous to our emotional health and our physical health. Fun engages our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the department that relaxes us. We come together with others to ‘have fun’, essential for building trust, and reminding us we are safe in the world, which shuts up anxiety. Our need for fun is primitive, and builds longevity of life.
And then I hear you cry ‘but I haven’t got time for fun’. This again, is that pattern learnt at school, where fun became a drip-fed, earned reward system. The hangover of this mindset becomes; ‘Do I deserve to have fun?’
and ‘I feel guilty for having fun when I need or should be doing XYZ.’
Fun is like breathing oxygen, drinking water, and eating food. What we make important we will always find the time for.
How many people pleasers always find the time to help others yet can’t create a minute for themselves? We get too caught up saying ‘yes’ to the things our hearts don’t want to do, and ‘no’, to the things it longs for. Then we forget what fun is, and it falls off the list, to be replaced by a long list of symptoms such as; stress, anxiety, being over critical, disorganised, overreactive or controlling. This creates a pattern that eats up even more of our time.
So we catch a second on social media, watch babies having fun, coo at animals playing, and observe other humans doing fun. Fun is a DIY job, once created it spreads into every area of your life, and infects others who share the same afflictions. How can you prioritise fun in your life? When you understand it this way, you can’t afford not to have fun. 07973 896034

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