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It’s a mere 158 years since the pioneering human anatomy textbook ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ was first published and today the most recent edition of the body bible, (September 2015), still influences and educates the business of bones and beyond.
Dorset-based Shellie Davies of Davies Chiropractic respects the work of the two Henrys and the 2D presentation of their 19th century anatomical works, but today feels that it is vital that a more intrusive approach to recovery, prevention, and maintenance is adopted and she perpetually seeks a deeper knowledge into the same.
Constantly re-educating, Shellie boasts an alphabet
of letters after her name – including doctorates, memberships, training, consultancies, and therapies, and she truly believes in her science.
It must be hard to run a business that in the event of success loses its clients – a paradox that simply makes Shellie happy!
Acquiring over 500 clients in the 13 years since the incorporation of the Davies Chiropractic and Sports Therapy Clinic, including medical acupuncture patients, Shelley believes that it is virtually impossible to have sprains, strains injuries, and compensatory indicators that share identical symptoms and healing processes and that everyone needs to be treated, in the true sense of the word, individually.
She said: “It is not realistic that one muscle group merits one treatment, there are so many variants in terms of myofascial release that an understanding of human anatomy is essential – I invest in repeated new treatment
concepts, thought processes, and practical experience. It is the only way forward.”
And if her list of cured clients and those seeking sporting and general physical maintenance and well-being alongside long-term rehabilitation is anything to go by, Shellie knows that getting to the bones of the situation is the way forward.
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