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which is taking a break this year and hopes are that it will be back in 2017.
As one of the largest commercial regional radio stations in the country, Wave 105 has obviously got some serious clout in terms of breaking new acts, new material, and contributing to chart and ticket-selling success. Several hundred thousand listeners literally vote with their ears – but Andy Shier and his music team know their audience and this is what produces the final output that we all know and love. Punctuate this with interviews and visits by pop royalty and it’s a full house in terms of choice, relevance, and popularity.
Contrary to common belief it’s more than just the music! Wave 105 has a social directive too and its inimitable grant-giving charity ‘Cash For Kids’ has raised over a
monumental £5m since 2008. The monies are shared between local causes helping disadvantaged children across the region, and the success of the charity in recent years has demanded a dedicated role in the station with a new Charity Manager in place at the Hampshire head office and studios.
So while the team plans the next 18 years, forges more and more incredible relationships with businesses across the South and helps more children and their families through the relentless work of Cash For Kids, why not make Wave 105 part of your stay in the area? Enjoy the music, banter, and local information and try to get to one of the station’s live appearances – Wave 105 – it’s part of the South’s lifestyle – find it on 105.2 FM, 105.8 FM, and DAB. 105.2 FM 105.8 FM DAB

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