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Read these thrillers and for just that moment in time believe Dillon lives!
When fiction intrudes on real life one could bask in the reflected assurance that we were all being protected from cyberattacks, assassins, Nazi fanaticism, drug cartels and corruption of the deadliest form – by a Bond- esque character Jake Dillon – the hero of Dorset author Andrew Towning.
Towning himself has more than a touch of Ian Fleming about him and his six crime thrillers.
Starting on a lifelong ambition of writing crime whilst being handed a poison chalice of a back injury, Andrew had the time to pen The Constantine Legacy and since 2006, has written five more Jake Dillon novels.
Saying of his writing: “I now dedicate three hours a day to Jake Dillon and the adventures that see him travel the world – with a firm emphasis in Dorset and Sandbanks, with some epic adventures against some pretty vile adversaries, over the years my books have touched more than a nerve of reality – for example in my fourth novel The Chimera Code, which was published in 2012, I wrote of Dillon’s efforts through a bloody battle from Scotland to Greece to stop an international cyber attack and world-wide infrastructure meltdown – which was soon
to be followed by the threat that we are now living with day-to-day!
“I am working well on my seventh novel and expect to publish that early in 2018 – a cat and dog of chance and danger through Northern France, it is exhilarating to write.”
Andrew has also written Shroud of Concealment set in Sandbanks with adrenalin-fuelled adventures in Delhi, Dead Men Don’t Bite in the Channel Islands and Powder Diamonds throughout Europe and North Korea, and most recently The Cutter – a diamond affair from Hatton
Garden to Venice... read these thrillers and for just that moment in time believe Dillon lives – it’s hard not to...
All of Towning’s books can be downloaded to Kindle and e-reader and the softback series bought from Amazon.

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