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Some statistics from the beautiful seaside town of Poole – it boasts the world’s second largest harbour, it has the third most expensive real estate in the
world on the stunning Sandbanks peninsula and it also has what is regarded as the largest Audi centre
in Europe!
In July 2016, Poole Audi unveiled a facility that wouldn’t be out of place within a 5-star hotel environment. But let’s discuss the proportions of the centre that relate to the customer and car service first.
The 8,300 sq ft showroom displays 24 new Audis in an impressive, bright space that has a sharply cambered road backdrop. The sales operation is hidden behind the scenes and when they are customer-facing they work from a choice of informal yet smart benches and loungers. There are configuration rooms, a conference room and 325 service vehicle and storage spaces.
Those having their Audi attended to by the service department in the 24-bay workshop, drive in to a climate- controlled drop off bay where they are greeted by a glass wall overlooking the workshop and then escorted into the showroom.
It is at this juncture that the customer experience diverts from the norm...
Poole Audi has a little more to offer customers electing to wait for their car to be attended to.
A choice of fresh coffees and teas served from the mezzanine level Audi Lounge in an environment that is akin to an airline’s first-class lounge. Perhaps a workout in the fully equipped gym – a quick shower and maybe a massage – the first 15-minutes are free in the relaxing and aptly named Schön beauty and relaxation therapy suite.
These last two assets have been greeted initially with
surprise and then appreciation, by customers. It makes complete sense to have facilities of this calibre in the centre. Customer expectations are higher than ever before and time becomes more precious – to be able to put any time spent in the centre to such good use, and of course there are various areas that can be used for work if that is one’s desire.
When customers are reunited with their Audis they find Poole Audi’s own dining guide on the passenger seat. Feast Magazine is the centre’s own publication and it has over 35 restaurant reviews for customers to consider. The rationale behind it is the synergy between the Poole Audi experience and the fine dining experience in the area’s finest restaurants.
The Poole Audi Centre is impressive, it has its own aura, the feedback from customers has been most pleasing

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