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Holiday planner? No... Bjork’s tour dates? No...
An abstract history of a Mummy phenomenon? Yes!
Let’s rewind a few years to great pals Katy and Anna – Katy working out of London as a continuity announcer on ITV (less ‘This report may contain flashing images’ and more... ‘We’ll be back to Coronation Street in half an
hour’) and Anna a model and actor working between London and Milan.
Then let’s introduce the ‘B’-aby’ word! Anna moved to Dorset with her husband and started proceedings
with the first of three boys and subsequently Katy, also based in Dorset, not to be outdone, had two
little girls.
In 2014, the best friends looked at their lives, looked at logistics, and wondered if they
would ever earn a crust again. They looked at the international mother/baby vlogging exposure and thought – you know what
– we could do that from the comfort of our own shed!
With their combined talents, Katy with keen presenting and editing skills – she is a presenter on QVC UK – and Anna with looks, (a shed), sofa and a social media
spark, ‘Hey Mummy’ was born! A lick of paint, tripod, lights – and action...
Hey Mummy has become a parenting phenomenon. In their first year the invincible mums secured support
from Channel Mum – they are honest and nothing is off limits.
No more ‘no-go’ areas; nits, piles, smears, breastfeeding, postnatal depression, threadworms or post baby body, as the yummy mummies get it all out in the open!
They are entertaining, natural and have managed to engage 184,000 views through YouTube, over 12,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – it is all very impressive and just to watch them present and chat together gives some evidence as to their successes, there’s
real chemistry there.
To prove a point they now have the blue- chip brands such as Pampers, Leapfrog, Iceland and of course Channel Mum (from Siobhan Freegard founder of Netmums) in their buggy – and the rest is history in the making.
And they won’t just take on any support either, they believe it, and use it or they won’t ambassador it – it’s as simple as that!
The feedback the ladies get is heart-rending from mums – and from dads. From far and wide they
have communicated their gratitude, solidarity and understanding at the sometimes taboo subject matter that Hey Mummy confronts. The vlogg, social media connection and content are socially relevant and indeed important.
As an extreme example, Anna was the first woman ever to have a cervical screening test streamed live to address the alarming reduction in women screening for cervical cancer... Respect!
Their YouTube video content is valuable, fun, interesting, pertinent, engaging and well produced and some of their other content is live, on Facebook for example – and you know what they say about working with animals and children!
It is crystal clear that Hey Mummy is a (parenting) social media success – and when the children have grown? How will their audiences cope? Well, we suggest that Katie and Anna carry on their infectious partnership online and maybe just drop the ‘Mummy’ bit – ‘Hey Ladies’ has a certain ring to it don’t you think? @HeymummyTV
Find Hey Mummy on Channel Mum

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