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They say that 50 is the new 40, and
this could be perceived to be the target audience of the Swedish marque Volvo...
That is a perception that is falling by the wayside as the technology, safety assets, sex appeal and autonomous controls come into play and fix firmly into the public’s awareness.
So we say that 90 is the new – well the new V90! This
is an astonishingly luxurious modern estate. For those of you that are familiar with the interior evolution of the pioneering 2015 XC90 and its SPA Platform it’s all inside the new V90 (and indeed new S90).
The car feels robust – not a word that we like to use for dining let alone cruising, but this is how the V90 feels – and to quote, as we took an exhilarating test drive around the beautiful Dorset and Hampshire countryside: “This is a car that I could drive to Scotland in!” And it’s true – it rates 10/10 in the comfort stakes, plenty of room by way of width of the car. We quietly wondered if it was built with a masculine frame in mind, or if the Swedish just like to have a little more personal space – perhaps for those longer journeys that we muted at... Or indeed at the new 50 when the kids are a little larger – a family of four with adult children would be very comfy in the V90.
It has all of the assets that one would expect from the now signature touchscreen Sensus and enough dash intelligence to keep one entertained if the drive to Scotland was indeed an option!
Achieving the 2.0 D5 diesel’s 7-second 0-60mph feels like it may be a challenge as the V90 is smooth, it’s controlled and calculated in its performance – the 7” challenge almost feels like it would be disrespectful
to the car! One feels like the V90 is looking after you, and that is a sensation in the driver’s seat and all of the passenger seats. It is steady in acceleration and equally so in harsher braking.
The front seats are firm with ample pitch, height and lumbar adjustments – in fact the seat position options are more flexible than those of the V40 and the driving position for a woman with not more than 5’2” to offer was remarkably comfortable.
It’s a sleek, good-looking car too – more defined lines showing off the boot space, the seats drop 60/40 and can go flat at a touch of a button – benefitting from a low-level capacity of 1526 litres.
One can enjoy semi-autonomous driving thanks to Cruise Control with Pilot Assist, keeping you in-lane and at a constant speed and distance from the car in front. This
is more than a nod towards the fully autonomous cars of the Volvo future – Gothenburg is already playground to multi-tasking travellers who leave the humdrum pastime of driving the car to technology. This in our humble opinion is a real shame as driving the V90 is an utter pleasure – call us old fashioned – just in a very futuristic kind of way. Volvo will have to deal with that dichotomy in time, as who would want to relinquish the wheel of such a fabulous car?
The Volvo V90 is available to test drive from Volvo Cars Poole – which will be moving its Holes Bay showroom to a new prestige site on Ringwood Road in Poole during 2017. 01202 065555

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