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Now there’s a phrase that whets the appetite and is the name of the ‘Lime Wood Cookery School’s HH&Co Backstage’ Raw and Cured proposition.
You will be familiar with Raw & Cured if you are a Lime Wood connoisseur – as the deliciously healthy dining proposition in the wellness haven of the Herb House.
And wellness personified is the charming Sheila Hulme, who is the raw energy behind the concept and also ‘Teach’ for the morning or afternoon in the Feel Good Food courses in the ten-stationed purpose-built cookery school.
A welcome herbal tea and seed bar on arrival and Sheila likes to get straight to it – numbers fluctuate depending on course date and time, but a group of ten is capacity and two teams of five make up the teams for the day – no competition you understand, but there is always one team that is convinced its butternut squash noodles are the coconuts...
Ingredients from the kitchen gardens, and from the Herb House’s own rooftop namesake, go into a really healthy selection – and we mean that in terms of volume as well as nutritionally – of raw snacks and meals.
Typically, one would spend the morning making some seed bars to take away in a goody bag along with your apron and recipes of the day, plus a sweet like Sheila’s salted caramel cheesecake, savoury and about as close to anything hot that one will get (in terms of spicy heat)
on this occasion – in the delicious chilli non-carne, a high energy salad and courgette noodles with a vegetarian pesto – (see recipe opposite).
All of this deliciousness is a mere £120pp – a snip when one considers that it includes lunch – albeit you have prepared it yourself! One of the reasons that make it
so rewarding – many are booking onto the Feel Good Food course as eating habits take a tack towards vegetarianism and veganism, and even the wine pairing can complement the menu in terms of recommendations of biodynamic and organic choices.
After lunch a leisurely retreat to the Herb House Spa for a treatment or swim – or just time to reflect – and wouldn’t it be great to reflect with a Raw and Cured cookbook? We eagerly await such a treat – and what a valuable one it will be in the kitchen and in life generally...
Sheila is the Creative Chef behind Raw & Cured and an ambassador of food for health, wellness and recovery. courses
023 8028 7177
Lime Wood, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7FZ

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