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You simply cannot get enough of Hix Oyster and Fish House restaurant nestled on the hill overlooking Lyme Bay and the famous Cobb – drive from the east and stop into Broadchurch territory – build up that ‘who’s done it’ appetite and make a day and night of it.
Hix merits a day and night, and has cunningly invested
in a townhouse on Pound Street – a short but steep
walk from the Oyster and Fish Bar, which provides the mothership for a great couple of days in the seaside town. See the previous page, for more on that sumptuous overnight experience.
On arrival at the restaurant it’s not only the menu that will make you gasp with glee! That view – Mark’s very own live larder! However you time your visit, you will see the tide changing, the fishing boats coming in, at anchor, going out – it’s never the same... one thing that is the same is the calibre of meal!
You can be informal and relaxed, but the discipline in the kitchen is something else. Every time we visit it is spot on – new quirky ideas meticulously executed. Precision service, new partners in wine, new partners in art and always an undercurrent of sustainability.
We kick off our dinner with suggestions of cocktails – no need to ask again – a ‘Wharf Life’ please – a celery
infused Black Cow vodka, apple juice and lime juice (Black Cow vodka is the world’s first pure milk vodka – hence it is creamy and smooth) and the cocktail is just
a dream... We hate to break with tradition, so order a bottle of white Tonnix Douro to accompany our rustic breadboard, and three oysters each to whet our appetite.
We have the Portland crab – and there it is, Portland to the left – with Isle of Wight tomatoes (too far around the corner to see but nevertheless beautifully local). The crab fresh and sweet, the tomatoes with a deep vine flavour.
A classic Atlantic prawn cocktail provides layers of prawn meat, cocktail sauce, lettuce and is the most refreshing starter...
As the evening evolves the only thing that fades is the light – everyone in the informal restaurant is having a ball, with chats, laughter and some pretty fine food on the go.
We part company now in terms of wine; a glass of Muscadet with the half grilled Lyme Bay lobster and a bottle of Massaya ‘le Colombier’ from Lebanon to cater for the Moyallon bacon chop with Poole cockles and kale... and the cheeseboard please note, as I’d hate to appear to be greedy!
The lobster is a master class in simplicity! Tender, succulent and envied from tables afar!
The bacon chop from Ireland was larger than expected, beautiful and the fat crispy enough to enjoy – and the meat tender enough to savour. A side of greens and chips made this main complete...

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