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the south’s best variety of hits
Just like Rick Jackson does every morning at 4.30am!
The self-confessed coffee fan is the new sound of the Wave 105 Breakfast Show – a show that attracts over 225,000 listeners and is now driven by Rick, who regulars to the area will know from the Afternoon Drivetime show which he presented on Wave 105 for over seven years.
So how does he feel about the move to breakfast – they are some powerful shoes Rick is stepping into, as the Breakfast Show has been the territory of Steve Power for over 17 years?
Rick says: “You know the early mornings work far better for me! Even that unearthly hour has its bonuses especially in the summer – my journey to work is just beautiful!
“The timings also give me the opportunity to spend more time with my two children before bedtime – although with my early start I’m almost in bed before them!”
Rick has very much taken the spirit of the show on board, as the success of Steve’s presenting must be treasured. You can still hear all your favourite features such as the 7.20 Survey and 8.20 Quiz – plus Deals is still a really popular part of the show...
Rick is not on his own in the mornings – he works alongside Kate Weston who is in charge of the vital traffic news that keeps us all on the move when things get a little sticky on the roads. Rick says they have so much fun together and Kate keeps Rick and news reporter, Michael Coombs, in check when they go off on a boyish tangent! Although Kate does have her moments too he reminds us!
This camaraderie really shines through the new show and cheery features like Worst Joke Wednesday really put a smile on one’s face.
Rick is also a great ambassador for Cash For Kids, which has raised over £4,250,000 since 2008. He has run the Great South Run for the charity many times and if not running he is cycling and if not cycling he is restoring his 1973 double-decker bus – he can sometimes be
seen driving the bus to events and even weddings. And his license serves Wave 105 well too, as it has a new
Kate Michael

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