Page 42 - Enjoy the South 2017
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A trip to the Chewton Glen is always a treat, it’s something very, very special, however many times one visits.
That is exactly the point or indeed fabulous problem to have – how does the best get better? A quandary that Luke Matthews – Chewton Glen’s charming head chef, and Andrew Stembridge inimitable managing director, have faced for a number of years. So we enjoy the TreeHouses – fabulous in their autonomy and privacy and the rebranding of Vetiver into the deformalised Dining Room – but we are still at that point of perfection...
Then that stroke of genius – ‘let’s use that plot of land
at the end of the drive and make a new proposition
from the somewhat exclusive Chewton Glen and bring in foodies, keen cooks, fans of TV celebrity cheffing and de- sclusive the culinary side of the brand and – watch it fly!’
The Kitchen was born.
The doors to this natural structure are surrounded by blooms, bushes, art and greenhouses – of course! It’s already like clockwork, as families, locals, hotel residents with a choice of dining options, now are fraternising the newest attraction in town, the South – indeed the country – because when the Chewton Glen does it, everyone wants some and the rest follow...
Bench, booth and brasserie seating – in a bright and busy area, bar to the left and tables to the right – here we are sat in the middle with... plenty to see. The Kitchen, the Chewton Glen’s bakery – supplying the hotel and spa
and then the pièce de résistance... through a glass wall the Kitchen’s Cookery School – giving more than a nod to Saturday morning TV and you could be there. James Martin is in the house, well once a month at least!

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