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The Kitchen’s cookery school is futuristic, twelve stations – each with everything needed to prepare a TV dinner – and we are talking prime time TV dinner! James teaches a morning or afternoon class in the school and then hosts a dinner for 12 around the Chef’s table, which is exclusive – and on many occasions a real gift. What an opportunity for those that adore and aspire.
Luke looks after the lot – so you can find him in the Dining Room or in the Kitchen – (or in between in a Volvo XC90...)!
For those that would like a taste of Chewton hospitality, just book a table at the Kitchen. Bring the children, bring the family or dine alone –the Kitchen will work because it is fit for everyone.
It is, however, pleasing to see that within all the deformalising the prerequisite Taittinger is top of the list for aperitifs...
The menu is intentionally relaxed, tapas to start, but understand that it will arrive at the table when it is ready,
not when you think you should have it – or indeed all at the same time – so just relax...
What a refreshing oxymoron when you consider the perceived etiquette of the Dining Room!
A bottle of Fernand Girard Sancerre and a choice of burgers, pizzas and superfood salads...
The food is exceptional. Go for more of the tapas starters than you dare – the pork scratchings are sublime – the smoked taramasalata a dream and the service engaging.
The burgers are literally a city of delight – storeys of beef – from Luke’s chosen beef farm in Sussex. He says: “It’s all English Wagyu – it’s real meat, nothing else however, the menu and its demand, it was an unknown – it could have been pizza or steaks – or burgers – we’ve established that it’s burgers all the way!”
Kitchen desserts are wonderful – pavlova with mango and passion fruit and Black Cow Vodka panna cotta, one with citrus assets and the other smooth and seasonal – the rhubarb with the panna cotta was just natural and a reminder of the immediate surroundings, the attention to season, the attention to new clientele and another nod towards understanding one’s market, perhaps even before they do.
Well done Luke, you’ve nailed it. But don’t sit back just yet – as we said – what does the best do to get better? He has a while to consider this because the Kitchen will remain way ahead of its game for a good few years to come... 01425 275341
The Kitchen, Chewton Glen, Christchurch Road, New Milton BH25 6QS

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