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It’s so exciting to get involved in a diner’s kind of way with a restaurant that you just KNOW is going to achieve marvellous things!
The marvellous things start from head chef and owner Jan’s imagination, his creativity and vision! Couple this with his relentless determination to achieve perfection on the plate and you have Restaurant Roots!
Many good things come from the kitchen and none less than from Jan’s wife, Stacy, she is an award-winning pastry chef – and we believe that the awards won’t stop there!
Restaurant Roots is heading for big things.
And they say that big trees grow from little acorns and this little acorn has just 24-covers – just the jolly Geza front of house and just Jan and Stacy in, and out, of the kitchen.
There are three menus to choose from carnivorous and vegetarian variants – a five-course taster, a seven- course taster and a ‘Discovery Menu’ and the latter two, when all told, are both ten-courses (counting the snacks, breads and teas or coffees)!
This is a tall order for a full restaurant but Jan has it all in hand – he is cool and calculated – he knows he can cope. Out front us diners eagerly await the next creation to arrive – and every so often it’s brought to the table with an enthusiastic explanation from Jan.
The Discovery differs from the seven-course menu by kicking off with a glass of Prosecco with snacks (no, not crisps and nuts but elaborate and delicate canapés and soil covered hummus, a rustic way to start and a colourful and fresh tactile dish!) and the offer of tea or coffee to close.
Other than that we are interested in the ‘Roots 7’, the vegetable garden and pork rillette – quirkily served and delicious.
The peas, coconut, mint and wild rice another pastoral dish followed by an absolute stroke of culinary genius, the confit salmon – sounds straightforward but just heavenly, in a foam, melt on the tongue. An Enjoy highlight.
The refresher of Champagne, gin and lemon is a lovely touch followed by a tasting of beef. A glass pot of

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