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How about a delicious solution to the horror that can be hosting a dinner party? Enter kitchen right – your kitchen that is – the uber-talented chef Nick Holt and his team from Dorset Fine Dining.
This is a great way to actually enjoy your own dinner party at home – but don’t be fooled it’s not all easy.
You will have the thankless task of choosing from Nick’s seasonal menu – how on earth can one choose from 24 mouth-wateringly irresistible starters, intermediate, main and dessert courses? Once that arduous task is out of the way – lay the table, job done and let Nick do the rest.
He quietly ships in mid-afternoon with everything... ingredients, flair, timing, presentation and funky staff to serve throughout the evening.
Nick is meticulous and an evening with him in charge in your kitchen is the way to really impress and equally importantly you can enjoy the evening and spend precious time at the table.
Enjoy has been lucky enough to experience Nick’s delicacies on a number of occasions – most recently at the home of dear friends, who frankly don’t lack in the kitchen department but love to spend time with their guests. A few drinks and the starter appears – lobster thermidor with Parmesan crisps, flowers and cress – beautifully presented, creamy, velvety and sweet. A glass
of gin and tonic granita – great fun – tactile and a talking point.
The slow-cooked
and pressed belly of
pork, apple, crackling,
caramelised apple
sauce with spring
vegetable bubble and
squeak was opulent –
get into the crackling as
it doesn’t hang around for long! Rich meat and traditional trimmings with Nick’s touch make a remarkable main and the hosts haven’t left the table once!
Make a deal over cracking open the dessert wines if you are feeling like a spare part at this point – what a pleasure it is to be waited on at home. Get into DFD’s Eton Mess
– Nick reconstructs a deconstructed favourite and as it makes the dinner table politely says his goodbyes and leaves a pristine kitchen, happy diners and hosts that have enjoyed their night. You don’t have to be a culinary coward to get Nick on board, it’s just jolly good fun, with exceptional food at fantastic value... 07525 667687

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