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BWT in Poole and Bournemouth is as proactive in preventative consultation as it is in treatment.
Linda Whike, Clinical Director of BWT Physio specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation for people with osteoporosis, and lectures on how to prevent it.
She says: “It is described as ‘the paediatric disease with geriatric consequence’ because we develop our peak bone formation in our 20’s. This means a lack of exercise and poor diet during childhood and adolescence will cause weaker bones, but the consequence will not be seen until we are much older.
“Bone is made up of calcium salts and other minerals to make it strong. Osteoblasts are the bone building cells and osteoclasts break the bone down. In childhood the osteoblasts work faster, enabling the skeleton to grow and increase in density and strength. During this period of rapid growth the whole skeleton is renewed every two years! When we are young adults and up until the age of about 35, there is a balance in the bone remodelling, and so the total amount of bone tissue stays the same.”
After the age of 35 years the balance changes and the total amount of bone tissue starts to decrease. For women the menopause speeds up this loss of bone. For adults it takes seven to ten years to completely renew the skeleton.
Did you know that 50% of women and one in five men, over the age of 50, will break a bone as a result of osteoporosis?
“The two main ways that we can try and maximise our bones strength are eating the right foods, (calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and protein rich) and doing the right type of regular exercise.
“It is the strength of the muscles pulling and compressing the bones that make the body respond and strengthen the bones. The areas that matter are the spine and the hips.
“We need to do resistance training twice a week, to strengthen the muscles around the hip and the muscles of the back. Walking, swimming and running don’t actually strengthen our bones.
“The ultimate exercise to strengthen both the spine and the hips is in fact rowing.”
So if you want advice on the best exercise programme for you, then Linda Whike at BWT Physio would be happy to help.
Always consult a professional before embarking on a new exercise regime.
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