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It’s a real shame that it may take an unfortunate and painful situation to facilitate a meeting with such a charming gent as Tim Crook!
Tim has been a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in Dorset for six years and if you are meeting with him for the first time you are very likely to be suffering from any number of conditions such as; carpal tunnel, arthritis, nerve compression syndromes, Dupuytren’s disease, tennis elbow or a complex hand, wrist or elbow trauma.
He instantly instils a confidence in his patients, we speak from experience, rates 10/10 for his bedside manner and what Tim doesn’t know about hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder treatment, surgery and rehabilitation would
fit on a pin-head – talking of which he also pioneers pin-hole surgery where other surgeons would use
more intrusive operating procedures. Carpal tunnel is
a common complaint and Tim can reduce recuperation times to a week or two from six weeks and has patients driving again within ten days, with pinhole surgery it is straightforward to do both wrists at the same time – if there is a better way Tim will prescribe it...
Working out of Dorchester Hospital for the NHS and running his private clinic from Poole alongside BWT and soon to be consulting from Bournemouth within a well- known private practice Tim says of his vocation; “The work I do for the NHS is so very rewarding, one never knows what challenges the next appointment will present and it is really important to me to train juniors in this niche practice.” He is keen to work out of the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation as that is where he calls home.
On the other hand, (as it were!), the private work, which probably comprises 20% of his workload, is more word
of mouth and repeat procedure generated. It won’t take the most observant of reader to note that with only two arms each to play with how many repeat procedures can one have? But it goes way further than that – for example finger joint replacement relating to osteoarthritis, he says: “Many people don’t even know that they just don’t have to live in pain – so word of mouth is my greatest ambassador next to my procedures themselves, coffee table talk works, and common conditions like basal joint arthritis can be actually cured.”
Tim also deals with sporty types and all that sport injuries can throw at him and spent his clinical placement at Portsmouth Football Club during the 2008 FA Cup winning season.
A surgeon’s training is never ending and he is always
at the cutting edge and describes some treatments as ‘trendy’ – for example ‘collagenase’ is a non-surgical treatment using enzymes for Dupuytren’s disease and ‘shock wave’ is a new treatment of tennis elbow... he is also a specialist in tennis elbow and is continuing in- depth research for a paper that is soon to be published on the debilitating condition.
So we’ll leave Tim to knuckle down, and remind you that if you have any pain in your hands or arms – Tim can help – and if you know of anyone with such ailments do them a favour and point them in Tim’s direction! 01305 263 252

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