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There are some healers that are born into this specialised vocation. Amanda Burger is one such dedicated and designated healer!
Amanda is a Sports and Remedial Massage Specialist based centrally on the south coast in Bournemouth, in the very middle of sailing, swimming, football, running and rugby country – how very convenient for those of us who love all things sport... if only the body would live up to the energetic desires of the mind!
That’s where Amanda comes in – her company Intulo – the namesake of a lizard found within the Zulu story of creation... how relevant, as Amanda’s treatment ethos
is based on anatomy and physiology and the creation
of a better quality of life through deep tissue massage. Diagnostics from this therapy act as indicators for other issues – she improves posture, balance and equilibrium by working with one’s whole body – not just on the focus of any aches and pains.
This holistic approach reaps long-term results – not only in immediate relief, but in long-term improvements – this impacts work, productivity, state of mind and of course quality of life.
Amanda holds the highest accreditation for Sports and Remedial Massage from the London School of Sports Massage – she supports this with relentless study and qualification. Back this up – literally – with over ten years of experience in a premier sports environment and you have the answer to your body’s needs.
Never underestimate the value of your body in terms of its impact on mind and soul.
Our advice would be to make Amanda a way of life – be proactive in making time for your deep tissue massage, your body knows best – it is shameful to think that most of us spend more time looking after our hair than we do our whole body!
If any of your aches and pains are self-induced, and you are in the business of sport – Amanda is also qualified in strapping and taping techniques with Kinesio Tape.
Amanda is a body diagnostic specialist – your symptoms may not originate from the issue you assume – let this professional listen to your body’s voice and you’ll reap the benefits in the long term.
Amanda Burger – and Intulo – bodies are her business. 01202 443892
Shelley Manor Medical Centre 1 Beechwood Avenue Bournemouth
Dorset BH5 1LX

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