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Barbara Cox is a highly regarded nutritionist, health article author, businesswoman and rather wonderful individual.
Barbara became passionate about the importance of eating healthily during a ten-year stay in Japan, a country renowned for its low levels of obesity, cancer and heart disease.
On her return to the UK she founded Nutrichef, a company that many of you will have heard of and one that produces high-quality healthy meals and delivers them directly to customers’ homes. Through the consultations with Nutrichef clients all across the UK, Barbara would advise people with a range of concerns, including those wishing to lose weight, athletes training for sports events and folk who simply want to know what it means to eat healthily.
In 2008, Barbara was awarded the national title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the British Chambers of Commerce. She is a former Canadian national junior skating champion, a contributor to the book Fit for Motorsport, Kitchen Table Tycoon and the nutrition chapters in Teach Yourself Aromatherapy – are there no limits we wonder?
Barbara launched the
Rainbow Recipes cookbook, inspired
by the Rainbow Diet, and continues to educate and inspire many on healthy eating and entrepreneurship.
Barbara was appointed as the European representative to the Global Wellness Council and continues her work with a private consultancy in nutrition and with a business consultancy in the health and wellbeing industry.
In Barbara’s spare time, she is an ambassador for the Pan African Heart Foundation and a patron of the charity Cancer Active.
We are delighted to have Barbara in Dorset when she is not travelling with her works and her book Rainbow Recipes is a must for literally everyone.

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