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By summer, or typically winter (out of all of our regional and London airports to Geneva), Chamonix is a favourite for everyone – ski, climb, hike, bike and, in this instance, dine.
There are three standout restaurants that Enjoy has been lucky enough to frequent over a number of trips, flying out of both Bournemouth International Airport and London. Driving is a really viable option as well – and why not take your time, especially if there is a physical challenge at the end of the journey?
At just over 1000m, Chamonix is an archetypal Alpine town and some! It is chic, shabby, cool, and attracts those that love great food and exceptional service.
La Cabane des Praz
Just a few minutes out of town is La Cabane des Praz, and probably at the height of the Euro and service bracket, this is a treat – crisp linen tablecloths, open fires, stunning wine list and impeccable service, and a view over Mont Blanc that almost takes your eye off the menu. Go for tartare de veau, soup froide, filet de truite saumonée and get into any denomination of cheeses from their infamous cheese board – ravioles aux 4 fromages – the desserts are stunning as is the ambiance. It is formal but don’t worry about that – after all this is Chamonix!
+33 (0) 4 50 53 23
La Cabane des Praz, Chamonix Mont Blanc

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