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Enjoy first got dryrobe® envy at the 2017 Red Bull Neptune’s Steps – the toughest open water swim in the UK – when lady-boss Zoe Wilson entered the intrepid race.
If there’s an incentive to get wet and verge on the edge of hypothermia – it has to be to get your hands on, and body in, a dryrobe!
Designed and developed by Gideon Bright a surfer from Cornwall, dryrobe has received high praise and warm tidings since its launch in 2010. Over time, dryrobe has been used by many different people of all ages for so many different activities all over the world, allowing them all to make the most of their time outdoors, and here at Enjoy we can confidently endorse by experience that the wet and cold life is way more fun in a dryrobe!
With a waterproof and windproof exterior and a luxuriously fleecy lining that dries and warms, it is the cosiest and most practical piece of lifestyle clothing on the market. Cunning pocket areas are roomy enough for
gloves, goggles and general paraphernalia. Wear it to
get changed in (leaving behind any loss of modesty on the beach or poolside). It is intentionally oversized, so that you can put it on over wet clothes and get changed in the great outdoors in any weather, or just leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit to stay warm, whilst fully protected from the elements that we all know and love so much – particularly on race day!
Use it to keep warm before and after sports. It’s super versatile and that’s why it has earned itself a reputation as the ‘world’s most advanced outdoor change robe’.
Cunningly it has been designed to be used multiple times without the need for drying – unlike a towel which isn’t good in the rain or for repeat uses. Once a towel is wet it stays wet.

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