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The dryrobe is an essential for everything from world- class sporting events to walking the dog, surf trips, outdoor swimming, obstacle racing and much, much more. The list of activities where it keeps us warm and dry is endless!
Amongst the most interesting dryrobe ambassadors is sport, fitness, and nutrition guru and extreme swimmer Ross Edgley, from the Great British Swim to Red Bull Neptune’s Steps, also a scientist, sociologist, and philosopher of training and nutrition – and author of ‘The World’s Fittest Book’.
Prices of the much-adored dryrobe start at £74.99, and there are many configurations – go Advance, go Kids, go Deep Hood, go Short Sleeve – go different colour matches and get into some other relevant dryrobe merchandise, bags, beanies and car seat covers...
Even get your dryrobe embroidered – the Enjoy team is more than proud to swim up and down the South Coast (and the odd Glasgow canal) in its fleet of dryrobes!
Follow this hip brand and its successes around the planet through Facebook – and one day, who knows you may even see an Enjoy dryrobe escapade online! 01271 817890 @dryrobe

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