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Spot what the customer wants
Working with people, food, photos and words is rewarding, and it has got to be said that when I relay a typical week’s duties at Enjoy HQ, the response I get is, without exception, an expression of disbelief and badly disguised green-eye. I do have an incredible job!
And to take it up another level, my selfless (!) responsibilities as a journalist reporting back to you –
the eager reader – are simply made even more sublime when I visit my dearest friends Nina and Gerard Basset at their New Forest boutique bed and breakfast, cunningly named ‘Spot in the Woods’ (previously ‘Hotel TerraVina’).
It is fair to say that I have a couple-crush, and I don’t think that I am alone! Nina and Gerard are inspiring, creative, courageous and professional, and impossible not to fall in love with!
Spot in the Woods is their brand new concept; born
from the observation that business was becoming less structured in terms of how customers like to arrange their dining, entertaining and relaxation.
The new-look Spot in the Woods has a less formal feel than its predecessor and its proposition is one of ‘Bed and Breakfast’ – however, I’d like to extend that too – in order of a typical stay: ‘Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Fine Wines,
Boutique Bed and a Breakfast fit for a King’ although I’m not sure how that would fit on their business cards!
The ‘Kitchen Café’ restaurant has become a hub for morning coffees and lunches – yummy mummies,
happy children, couples, holidaymakers, locals, regulars, groups and businesses – and it all just works. There is
no booking system for the Kitchen Café so just show up, have a drink, settle in and enjoy that unique welcome and hospitality alongside a traditional lunch menu from the open-plan kitchen – gourmet burgers, pies, fish and chips, gammon and sausage and mash! Making your own afternoon tea to enjoy on the terrace is a real hit; fresh sandwiches of your choice, cakes you choose, scones, thick, thick cream, lush jam and why not add a glass of Champagne?
There is also the option to book a group of like-minded folk (up to 20) into the new Spot for an early evening of wines, canapés and some delicious deli and gift retail therapy – what a great idea!
For those of you that are resident at Spot in the Woods – the evenings are left to your own devices – a thoughtful list of suggestions for dinner is on the website and at reception. Saunter through the New Forest to any one of the recommendations, or in the summer, why not stock

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