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What a find this delightful, simple (don’t be mislead by that adjective as it is as owner Claude describes the menu) restaurant is – even if it took the Enjoy team 24 years to find Les Mirabelles in a New Forest National Park nook called Nomansland.
Two areas of covers, a corner bar and a real feel of good, honest French cuisine and the menu is testament to that.
Claude opened the restaurant in a recession, so the successes are real... he has built the business through 75% regular business and by dedication, although he would deny that. He says his passion is wine and that he doesn’t work that hard – 9am until the last table leaves, five days a week is pretty committed I’d say?
The menu is reassuringly French – even by design, we enjoy crabmeat filo parcels that have a complementary heat from the ginger – an Enjoy favourite. We drink
a beloved bottle of Domain Les Salices Pinot Noir to accompany the lamb cutlets – pink and succulent on the bone.
The other tables come and go – New Forest ponies come and go past the windows, and we chat to Claude about his wine passion and the fact that it could be golf on another day but he isn’t old enough yet...
Desserts with a sticky wine or two are just superb – the chocolate fondant to lava perfection again and a cheese board to revel in...
I am slightly embarrassed that this gem has slipped through the Enjoy net for so long (with only three head chefs having worked in the kitchen in all those years and the current chef in his ninth year) – it will be a regular feature from now on... and a nod of gratitude to Spot
in the Woods for putting Les Mirabelles on its dinner procurement list!
All in all we agree – this is a little restaurant in the Forest doing normal, simple food – in a superb way!
01794 390205
Forest Edge Road, Nomansland, Nr Salisbury, SP5 2BN.

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