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THE PIG group is a personal collection of small lifestyle restaurants with rooms, where the focus is on authenticity and informality of design, food and service.
There are currently five PIG hotels; THE PIG, THE PIG- near Bath, THE PIG-on the beach; THE PIG-at Combe and THE PIG-in the wall.
With an obsessive commitment to home-grown and local produce, THE PIG celebrates the seasons and
uses only the best, freshest, and most authentic foods and ingredients. It is all about the kitchen gardens; the beating heart of the operation... everything is driven by the kitchen/forager and chef – they grow and source the food – the chef then creates the menu; uncomplicated and simple kitchen garden food, true to the micro seasons with the emphasis squarely on fresh, clean flavours. Chef Director James Golding is a friend of Enjoy
– and he has clearly stamped his distinct ground roots passion on the piglets’ menus.
What cannot be grown in THE PIG’s kitchen garden is sourced within a 25-mile radius. There are no ‘cookie- cutter roll-outs’; each hotel has its own personality and sense of self. Every PIG has evolved rather than been ‘interior designed’ and every property comes with laid-back warm service and a genuine commitment to environmental and social responsibility. THE PIG hotels aim to deliver an outstanding experience for every guest; a ‘wow’ moment that surprises and delights for a price that won’t break the bank. Affordable luxury that everyone can have a piece of; young or old, with family

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