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It is more than a life privilege to spend any time at all with Ken Hom OBE, let alone a number of functions over a period of two years, be it at Poole Audi’s Feast Magazine launch, FJB’s launch of Ocean Palace in 2017 and then Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in 2018 with the Haven Hotel and Ocean Palace respectively, along with Volvo Cars Poole Pirates’ sponsor’s private lunch demo.
Ken is a wonderful human being – in fact the most remarkable man Enjoy has ever met, his humility and aura are almost palpable and it is humbling to spend time with him.
His thoughts are always for others and this can’t be illustrated any more than in his tireless charity work for humanitarian charity Action Against Hunger.
And one can’t take away his status as the country’s first TV celebrity chef and the king of the Wok!
At a recent luncheon function, Ken talked of his work with a movement for the homeless, and he says of this new initiative ‘Food for Soul’: “It was started by Massimo Bottura in Milan and I got involved in Rio, he took a place and made it a pop-up restaurant for the homeless, every chef wants to work with them, we
all arrived at 10am to see
what is left over from the
supermarkets, for instance
bananas that are dark
vegetables that are bruised
– I say ‘show me what you
have’ – they say ‘fillet of
beef – it’s been frozen and
is two days past it’s sell
by...’, so I cooked for 90 homeless people – I bought some oyster sauce, it was moving – then I cooked for the 20 volunteers that served all these people – it was so interesting as it challenged me as a chef – I didn’t know what I was going to cook – and they said – ‘Ken you are so cool’ – we had a grand time – it’s sharing food and that is what it is all about.”
Ken also sells his books through many functions and donates the proceeds to Action Against Hunger.
We will take any opportunity to work with Ken – if he is at an event near you – just book it, he is after all a National Hero!

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