Page 59 - Enjoy the South 2018
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Nine Yards Chardonnay Cobblers Hill, Mellifera Natural Sweet and Sophia – more than the once! Our lunch
was served outside in the Bakery overlooking the dam and mountains – spectacular – burgers and charcuterie boards with the best wine and company in the land just about makes Enjoy’s year!
There are literally hundreds of wine estates to visit – take the advice of your guide, local recommendation or just the label from your favourite wine and track the vineyard down while you are there.
The restaurants in town are magnificent, the entertainment to the best standards and Cape Town is of course on the international music and sport circuit and if you are lucky you may just bump into a celebrity or two on the promenade between Camps Bay and the Waterfront...
Fly to Cape Town from London Heathrow in a little under 12 hours. It’s colourful, cultural, stimulating, sexy, simple and a must stay.

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