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While you are visiting the area for anything as exotic
as rest and relaxation, a sporting event or just visiting friends, you never know when you may need some attention or indeed direction from the team at BWT, and its partners, as it’s not all about repair and recuperation
– there is someone for just about every need – as you will read!
If we start with the sporty types – you may be a golfing enthusiast and you may have suffered from common swing injuries – make an appointment with John Phillips – ‘sports injury and musculoskeletal specialist’.
If you are a biking enthusiast – get into a ‘bike fit’ appointment and make the most out of the relationship with your bike – whatever your ability is. A bike fit appointment will get you in tune with your bicycle and improve position, pedal efficiency, and comfort.
And new balls please – Jessy Smith APPI, Pilates instructor, works closely with the tennis academy at the West Hants Club and East Dorset Tennis and Croquet Club – tennis is a great way to incorporate coordination challenges, speed, strength and agility.
On to more serious services – the BWT ‘neuro team’ treat all conditions from strokes to Parkinson’s and elderly rehabilitation to neurological trauma.
Linda Wike, director and consultant neuro physiotherapist said: “It can be really restrictive to suffer with neurological conditions, particularly if the patient likes to travel – we offer our services to anyone in the area – so visitors can really feel secure in the knowledge
that their rehab or mobility treatment can continue even when on vacation!”
Linda’s team have state-of-the-art equipment in the practices including the Bionic Leg, plus Saeboglide, Saeboflex and Saeboglove, which allow patients who have suffered a stroke to perform functional movements with the affected hand or arm.
It is also about maintenance says Linda: “It is essential that we all do as much exercise as we can as we grow older, we need to maintain bone mass, and resistance training and load bearing are the two most efficient ways to increase bone strength – we are so lucky in the South to see so many adults involved in running, cycling and triathlon.”
It’s not only out in the field that BWT excels – many need advice on their work-related stress and combating it before it takes hold, saves hours of manpower for companies every year.
BWT is also heavily involved in charity work, including Poole Sailability. And if this isn’t enough, they have their hand in with Tim Crook – their in-house consultant orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon and a full podiatry team looking after all things feet and lower limb... Add to that a dedicated men and women’s specialist and back pain surgeries, you can rest assured that BWT is there to help! 01202 749514 @BWTphysio
BWT has a network of physiotherapy practices throughout Dorset.

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