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A strange analogy for a visionary chiropractic clinic in central Dorset it may seem.
However, practice owner and namesake, Shelley Davies, who has been running a highly successful business for seven years (and practising for 14), with a five-year master’s degree completed in four years, under her well-defined belt, decided that good business wasn’t good enough: “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” she thought – just for a second, of course, and ignored that age-old adage and has doubled the size of her clinic to now employ six members of staff in a practice that has also doubled in size.
It is not only the boundaries of her own business that
she is pushing, but also those boundaries and theories set many, many years ago in terms of anatomy and the general concept of human physiology! Shelley has a
thirst for knowledge and won’t just take the annals of her profession with a pinch of salt – she wants to find out for herself. She has spent seven years working with cadavers and this experience has helped her develop her treatment programmes. For example she says: “There is no such thing as a knot in a muscle, in my opinion and from what I have found, these are actually superficial facial laydowns of extra tissue, forms from movement habit and strain.
“These ‘lumps or knots’ are actually attached to the skin not the muscle and form a really important part of the endocrine system.”
She adds: “Anatomy is documented in such a two- dimensional way – when it is four-dimensional, we don’t walk in a straight line – we rotate around an axis – the left foot’s motion impacts the right shoulder, we have to look at and treat the big picture, and
our recovered patients, from sports
professionals to the elderly and
infants are testament to our work
here, and contrary to my business
adage – if it is broken we will fix it...”
Shelley Davies MChiro PgCert DC MRCC Dip FTST practises out of her own clinic in Christchurch and employs three other chiropractors. 01202 971051 @davieschiropractic

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